Endowed Funds

An endowment is an investment in the Refuge’s mission of conservation efforts to protect land and wildlife. Your gift of $10,000 or more can establish an endowment that will leave a legacy and make future sustainability possible. Investing in an endowment shows you are dedicated to long-term Refuge support. The following current endowed funds support conservation efforts at the Refuge:

The Betty Bishop Education Fund

John E. Carney Education Fund

Louise Crumpacker Conservation Fund

The Ann Darling & Lee Williams, Jr., Family Education Fund

Carolyn & Donald DeCoster Conservation Fund

Dr. H. Randall Deming Scholarship for Conservation & Environmental Studies Fund 

Dr. David A. Drachman Education Fund

Tom Edgar Volunteer Fund

Gardner Family Fund

Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Gazda-Smith Fund 

Christine Glancy Education Fund

Margaret Godsea Conservation Fund

Harkey Development & Communication Intern Fund

Harkey Family Fund

Frank & Joanne Hicks Memorial Fund

Elaine Jacobson Education Fund

Win and Marilyn Kloosterman Scholarship Fund

Marilyn Kloosterman Education Fund

William & Helen Kronmueller Education Fund

Dr. Robert G. Meeker Conservation Fund

Dr. Louise Merrimon Perry Conservation Fund for Girls (LMP Fund for Girls)

Harry and Betty Taif Conservation Fund

Polly & Doug Talbott Conservation Fund

Sue Tray Visitor Service Intern Fund

Jane Werner Environmental Scholarship Fund

Wild for “Ding” Conservation Fund